Triple H Sends Philadelphia Eagles Customized WWE Championship After Super Bowl Victory

Once Vince McMahon reboots the XFL in 2020, the NFL and WWE will be rivals by proxy. But in 2018, things are still amicable and Triple H just proved so in a gesture he and WWE made to the newly crowned Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles shocked a large chunk of football fans (maybe just Patriot supporters) by their 41-33 victory at Superbowl LII. Within moments of their monumental win, Eagles players already had commemorative hats t-shirts. Now they can share a celebratory WWE Championship.

Sending a customized championship belt has become one of WWE's, or at least one of Triple H's favorite customs. If a team wins any kind big game or tournament, they can expect a freshly made title within the next couple of hours.

The Eagles are most certainly deserving the extra gold as they were mathematical underdogs not just for Sunday's matchup against the New England Patriots, but in all 3 of their 2018 playoff games.

Congrats to the Eagles and their fans!