Finn Balor Talks WrestleMania Dream Match, Addresses Big Rumor

After being lost in a feud without much heat for several months, Finn Balor captured the fan's full attention last month with an epic match against AJ Styles at TLC.

With that match already on his resume, the former first-ever WWE Universal Champion was asked about his direction for WrestleMania in a recent interview with Ringside Collectibles. They specifically asked him about a dream match scenario at Mania, and Balor responded with three names.

"There's a lot of people I would love to face... Triple H, Undertaker, AJ Styles. Either one of them, singles, one-on-one. Listen, I could wrestle eight matches at WrestleMania if I wanted to. I'm fit."

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Any of those matches would tear the house down. Another match with Styles could easily be the best in-ring encounter of the year for WWE, a bout with Triple H would have the added storyline of Balor being brought to WWE by Triple H and then fighting him, and a match with The Undertaker would undoubtedly highlight both men's awesome entrances, especially at a WrestleMania.

Interestingly, all three of those men may perform this year at WrestleMania (including Undertaker), so they could be real possibilities for a match with Balor. Most believe that if Undertaker were to step in the ring again, a rematch with Roman Reigns would make the most sense given what happened last year, but the plan for Reigns appears to still be a bout against Lesnar. So would WWE consider a match with Balor instead? It would be more of a spectacle and likely better in the ring as well.

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During the interview with Ringside Collectibles, Balor also took the time to address one very serious rumor that has been out there for quite some time: whether or not he pooped himself in a match with Samoa Joe at NXT TakeOver: Dallas last year.

"I want to tell everyone, there was a rumor that went around that I pooped my pants in that match," he explained, "but it was actually the sweat on the baby blue trunks... So when Joe picked me up for the Muscle Buster and faced the hard cam, my butt was facing directly at the hard cam and everyone goes, 'Oh my God, Finn's pooped his pants!' But it was just sweat, and maybe a little bit of Joe's blood because I busted him open that day, too."

We're sure glad that one has now been cleared up.

[H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the interview transcription]