Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose Retain Tag Titles at No Mercy

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose retained their WWE tag team titles on Sunday night at No Mercy in what was the best match of the night so far. It was also incredibly bloody.

Cesaro also took a horrendous bump halfway through the bout. He was sling-shotted into the corner and went face first into the LED-covered ring post, partially breaking out his two front teeth in the process. He proceeded to bleed all over the ring for the next several minutes. Well, really for the entire rest of the match.

Outside of the injury, the match itself was very, very good. They worked a stiff style match, with some great and unique combinations throughout. One of the highlights was Cesaro powerbombing Seth Rollins out of the corner on top of Ambrose for a near fall.

The finish came when Sheamus went for the Brogue Kick, Ambrose fell, and then rolled up Sheamus for a near fall. At that point, Rollins hit his high knee on Sheamus, which was followed up by a Dirty Deeds from Ambrose for the pinfall.

Is this the end of this feud? For our sake, I hope not. These two teams have had some incredible matches, with the best one happening tonight at No Mercy, so please give us more. It's not like the tag team divisions are incredibly deep these days (though the RAW division has more depth than SmackDown), so why not?

If we're betting, there's probably a whole lot more on the horizon from these four men, and we're not going to complain in the slightest.