'My Wife and Kids' Star Jen Freeman Reveals Her Next Big Venture

Jennifer Freeman rose to stardom as Claire Kyle on the hit ABC sitcom My Wife & Kids. She joined the show in its second season after replacing Jazz Raycole with network executives alleging Raycole chose to pursue other options. Kyle starred as the ditsy middle child of the Kyle clan. Since the show ended, she's been on a personal healing journey after a tumultuous divorce. Just months after giving birth to her daughter Isabella, Freeman, who also starred in the dance flick You Got Served and recently appeared in several holiday flicks, filed for divorce from former NBA star, Earl Watson. She alleges infidelity and admits she went a little crazy and found herself in the headlines for allegedly attacking Watson. Now, she is sharing her experiences to help other women via her podcast Be Free.

It appears the podcast is a rebrand of an initial idea she had last year. She hosts the podcast with Marie Michel. "I went through a divorce," Freeman told to JaGurl TV. " I wanted to take responsibility for the part I played in the marriage not working out, it's easy to blame another person. You need to take responsibility for yourself, so I did that…I wanted to really work on myself and getting to the root of why I had the issues that I had, I really was depressed, I had a lot of hurts …even before my marriage… I wanted to allow myself the freedom, and the space, and the time to be able to heal properly."

In her journey, she learned she needed to live life to the fullest. Her journey included a vow of celibacy, re-committing to her faith, and honing in on her acting career.

"In that process and that journey," she added. "I discovered so much about myself, I hadn't been living the fullest that I thought I could be living. I mean I had just been kind of existing, I was numb, I had done a lot of things to numb myself."


The podcast is branded as honest girlfriend conversation. In each episode, Freeman and Michel "unravel the most intimate topics of life through conversation and wine."