Twitter (Mostly) Applauds 'A Christmas Story Live!' for Changing Movie's Ending

Fox's A Christmas Story Live! premiered Sunday night to mixed reviews, but there was one scene that fans of the movie and musical all agreed was done well.

The original 1983 movie ends with Ralphie and his family eating at a Chinese restaurant after a neighborhood dog eats their Christmas dinner. There, the Parker family is serenaded with Christmas carols from the waiters at the restaurant as they sing a rendition of "Deck the Halls" with stereotypical, exaggerated accents that have gained criticism over the years.

But Fox's reboot of the scene changed some things, with the Filipino-American vocal group The Filharmonic stepping in to play the waiters and singing a rendition of the song flawlessly, and Twitter was for it.

"They decided NOT to repeat the racist part and made it into a joke referencing it instead," one Twitter user wrote, clearly appreciating the subtle change in script.

Another user thought the change was "cute."


And for the few people who are hardcore fans of the original movie and were wondering why they changed the scene, one user had a simple answer for them.

And while that particular scene was met with applause, many people weren't fans of the rest of the live musical, some calling it a "train wreck."