Is Woodstock a Cannibal? Charlie Brown Fans Have Thoughts on Social Media

The annual Thanksgiving debate has sparked once again: is Woodstock a cannibal? As Peanuts fans prepare for the national holiday, their annual viewings of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving are reigniting a fierce debate over Woodstock’s consumption of turkey at Thanksgiving dinner in the 1973 flick.

Towards the end of the classic film, the cute and yellow bird, Snoopy’s well-known avian sidekick, is seen enjoying a feast with Snoopy, with the main course being a large roasted turkey. Given that Woodstock is also a bird, the meal has sparked a conundrum surrounding the possibility that Woodstock is taking part in cannibalism.

“Watching Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving and realizing that Woodstock is eating Turkey. Cannibal!” one person wrote.

“Woodstock is a cannibal,” another commented.

One poll even tallied that 59 percent of people believe Woodstock to be a cannibal, with 41 percent thinking the consumption of turkey is perfectly fine.

“I was watching the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special last night, and when I reached the scene at the end where Snoopy and Woodstock are eating turkey, I realized something,” one viewer tweeted. “Woodstock is a bird, and he eats a turkey, which is also a bird. So Woodstock is a cannibal.”

“I told my kids yesterday that Woodstock is a cannibal and they just scoffed at me,” another person tweeted.

This is not the first time that the debate has been sparked. After ABC aired their annual A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving ahead of the national holiday last year, viewers again took to social media to discuss the morals of Woodstock’s consumption of a turkey, with many coming to the conclusion that the beloved bird does, in fact, practice cannibalism.

But the debate has been going on even longer than that! A simple Twitter search shows tweets dating back as far as 2012 discussing the matter, though the consensus that Woodstock is a cannibal may not be entirely true.


According to Meriam-Webster dictionary, cannibalism is “the eating of the flesh of an animal by another animal of the same kind," meaning that for Woodstock to truly be considered a cannibal, he would have to eat the same species of bird that he is (his exact species has never been named, though he is largely believed to be similar to a canary). Woodstock eating a turkey, a different species of bird, does not truly adhere to the true definition of cannibalism, meaning that A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving isn’t as dark as social media would lead you to believe.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is set to air on Wednesday, Nov. 27 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.


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