'Mayans M.C.' Cast Teases Breackneck Season 2: 'Chickens Come Home to Roost'

The wait for Mayans M.C. Season 2 is almost over and the cast is getting fans hyped for an action-packed new chapter. The FX motorcycle drama will be back with new episodes stars JD Pardo, Clayton Cardenas, Edward James Olmos and Sarah Bolger teased the new season, which will reportedly return is to eight months after the events of the shocking finale.

"In Season 2, the chickens come home to roost," series co-creator Elgin James teased.

The cast members said the rift between EZ (Pardo) and his brother Angel (Cardenas) will still be unresolved when the show returns in the fall.

"Angel really wanted EZ to take off and leave and EZ wanted to stay," Pardo told TVInsider in a new interview. "He understands that things are happening for a reason and he doesn't have to have that resentment anymore for what happened to him in his past, but like any transition, it's never easy."

"We keep saying how last season was about secrets and the secrets [EZ] had and how that unraveled and the secrets [Felipe] has," James Olmos added. "People gotta answer."

The new comments come just a day since FX released a new First Look teaser for the new season, showcasing the violence and retribution the characters will be dealing with in Season 2.

"At the end of Season 1, the Mayans have made a deal with Galindo (Danny Pino) who has also made a deal with Los Olvidados. Before the Mayans were just dogs surviving in the desert but now they have a place, and we're going to see them rise from there," JD Pardo, who plays Ezequiel "EZ" Reyes on the show says.

Clayton Cardenas, who plays Angel Reyes, also teased the season writing: "For them, that's golden. If it means more money, more opportunity, hopefully more freedom."

The biggest twist from the Season 1 finale revealed to EZ that the person responsible for his mother's death was none other than Happy, a beloved Sons of Anarchy character. Pardo teased in the video the reveal will be explored further in upcoming episodes.

"What I love about EZ is that it's never simple, you know?" Pardo told PopCulture.com at San Diego Comic-Con. "For him, it's not just what happened, it's why. So you can expect to really dig into why it happened in the first place."


"I don't even know what to expect," Cardenas said of the upcoming season. "You don't know who's going to stick around."

Mayans M.C. will return with Season 2 Tuesday, Sept. 3 at 10 p.m. ET on FX.