Holt McCallany ‘Hopeful’ for ‘Mindhunter’ Season 3 Renewal, Talks Series’ Five-Season Plan


Holt McCallany ‘Hopeful’ for ‘Mindhunter’ Season 3 Renewal, Talks Series’ Five-Season Plan

'Grey's Anatomy' Star Jake Borelli Shares Behind-the-Scenes Photo After Season 15 Finale

Grey's Anatomy's newest series regular shared a behind-the-scenes photo in the thick of the fog from the Season 15 finale.

Jake Borelli, who stars as Levi Schmitt on the ABC medical drama, took to Instagram Thursday to check in on fans one week after the season finale. The actor shared a photo of himself, Kevin McKidd and actress Jane Wall — who guest starred on the last two episodes of the season finale.

"First Thursday without Grey's. How we holding up?..." Borelli wrote alongside the photo, showing the set covered in fog as the trio filmed scenes from the car pileup they found themselves in the fog during the season finale episode.

(Photo: Instagram/Jake Borelli)

Fans took to the comments section to share their feelings about Grey's Anatomy going on its summer break.

"It's not easy but knowing you'll be in the next season makes it easier to accept," one user commented.

"its gonna be a longgg time until september," another fan wrote.

"Rewatching the series from Season 1 in order to keep my sanity," another commenter said.

Appropriately titled "Jump Into the Fog," the finale episode followed as the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial handled life-changing moments as a heavy fog wrapped around the city of Seattle. Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Levi found themselves at the center of the big pileup as they tried to get a blood donor to the hospital to save the life of a young patient.

The episode also began with Teddy (Kim Raver) going into labor at Owen's house, leading Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) to have to drive her in the middle of the chaos.

Borelli's character had a big 15th season and was very recently promoted to series regular for Season 16 along with Chris Carmack, who plays Link, and Greg Germann, who plays Dr. Koracick.

Borelli recently opened up to CinemaBlend about being originally cast for only two episodes of the show when he first joined the cast in 2017.

"I had moved to New York, I had sold everything after being in L.A. for eight years. I got rid of my apartment and all my furniture. I drove to all the way to New York," Borelli told the outlet. "I was there for two months. I had sent an audition tape back to L.A. for the [Grey's Anatomy] role of Levi Schmitt. I was kind of in the mindset of 'Oh great, this is the biggest show ever, there's no way I'm possibly going to get this role.' So we just put it on tape and totally forgot about it."

He added: "Two weeks later, I got a call from my agent basically saying they want me on set - this is like 9:30 at night New York time - and they wanted me on set the next day to film. And I was like 'What?' And they're like 'Yeah, can you get back to L.A. by 10 a.m.?' I was like 'Oh God, I don't know if I can!' I ended up buying a red eye flight that night and I made it into L.A. in perfect timing to go straight from LAX to set, and went through hair and makeup without sleeping and filmed for the first day."


After filming his first scenes, he was asked to return for an eight-episode stint, which then turned into a series regular role for the actor.

Grey's Anatomy will return for Season 16 in fall 2019 on ABC.