Leslie Jones Pays Tribute to the 'Terrible Men' She Dated on 'Saturday Night Live'

Leslie Jones stopped by Weekend Update for her own segment on this weekend's Saturday Night Live, paying tribute to all the "terrible men" she has dated.

Jones was brought on as a "relationship expert" to give her thoughts on Facebook adding a new dating feature. She said she will not use that app, and has learned over the years that she is responsible for all the bad dates she has been on.

"What I learned is that I'm not attracting these men. I am picking these men, but that ends tonight," Jones said. "So I want to have a tribute to all the raggedy-ass men who I thought they could rescue like the dogs they were."

Jones said all the stories were true, but she changed the photos to protect the "innocent." Then she added "Ain't nobody innocent" before she started belting out "In The Arms of the Angels."

Jones then listed several terrible men she has dated, leading right up to Weekend Update co-anchor Colin Jost. One of the running gags on Weekend Update has been Jones' interest in Jost, but it has not worked out in real life. Jost is now dating Scarlett Johansson, so Jones has decided to believe Jost is gay.

"Colin, he was so cute and sweet and kind, but it would never work because he gay," Jones said.

Jost insisted he is not gay and has a girlfriend, adding, "I have told you I am not acknowledging that bβ€”."

Jones said she will keep telling everyone he is gay until he can prove otherwise.

Although Johansson earlier appeared in the cold open, she did not stop by for the Weekend Update joke. She played Ivanka Trump.

Here's how Twitter reacted to the sketch.


There are some SNL viewers who are not fans of Jones though.

Photo credit: Twitter