'NCIS' Show Adviser D'Wayne Swear Dies at 60

D'Wayne Swear, a law enforcement officer who worked as an adviser on NCIS: New Orleans, passed away on Wednesday at the age of 60.

Swear was an officer in Louisiana and Mississippi. He worked in the real life Naval Criminal Investigation Service, which is how he ended up on the lauded police procedural. Sources at Bradford-O'Keefe funeral Home told the Hollywood Reporter that Swear passed away on Tuesday in his home in Gulfport. His long time friend, Glenn Grannan, of the Hancock County Sheriff's Office, told journalists that Swear had recently been diagnosed with cancer.

"He never compromised his morals or his ethics," Grannan said. "He only knew how to do things one way, and that was the right way."

Swear worked as a deputy for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office in the suburbs of New Orleans, before he became an agent for the NCIS. He retired in 2010, which is when he moved to Gulfport. However, he came out of retirement to work with Grannan at the Hancock Sheriff's Office.

Swear was hired on the set of NCIS: New Orleans in 2014. He worked as an on-set technical advisor, helping bring authenticity to the show.

"He's such a charming guy, so likeable," said Scott Bakula, one of the series' stars,in a 2014 interview with The Times Picayune. "He's got great stories he loves to tell, and he loves this city."

Grannan told WXXV that Swear will be remembered as a law enforcement legend. “If you have the luxury of knowing D’Wayne, he’d change your life in a positive way," he said plainly. "If you were fortunate enough to call you his friend, he’d change your life significantly. It was a significant event in your life. He will be sorely missed by me and I’m sure a lot of others because he was an amazing friend to me.”

The Hancock County Sheriff's Department lowered their flag to honor Swear. His co-workers remembered him for his upbeat spirit even in the face of grizzly work. They told reporters about how he dressed up as Santa Claus for inmates' children at Christmas time ever year.


The set of NCIS: New Orleans closed for a day to honor Swear as well.

Swear is survived by his wife and family members in Gulport. A funeral mass for him will be held on Saturday in New Orleans, and another on Monday in Gulfport.