Roseanne Barr Slams Oscars, Shuts off Show After Trailer Debut

Roseanne Barr reluctantly tuned into the Oscars, but after her sitcom’s trailer hit the small screen, she said she could no longer take the politically-charged Hollywood event.

The actress tweeted her excitement ahead of the 90th annual Academy Awards show on Sunday, during which an official trailer for the Roseanne revival aired.

“ABC Oscar Night - the highlight of tonight’s political extravaganza will be 1) seeing an actor as great as Laurie Metcalf actually win and 2) the debut of the Roseanne commercial,” she tweeted ahead of the show.

But after co-star Metcalf was defeated for the Best Supporting Actress hardware and the Roseanne trailer opened to mixed reviews by audience members, Barr couldn’t stand to continue watching.

“Ok, I’m out [because] I can’t take any politics on this show-goodnight,” Barr tweeted of the show at the Dolby Theater.

Before she changed the channel, ABC boasted of the return of the Conners in new footage from the revival show, and assured everyone that "nothing has changed."

There was even a joke about everyone thinking Barr’s on-screen husband Dan was dead, a reference to the season nine finale where it was revealed he had died of a heart attack. The writers of the new season decided to ditch the storyline so John Goodman could come back.

"Why does everyone always think I'm dead?" Dan asked.

Most of the show's main cast returns for the new episodes, including Barr, Goodman and Metcalf. Michael Fishman, Sara Gilbert and Lecy Goranson are all back as well, and Sarah Chalke, who stepped in as Becky when Goranson was off the show, will play a new character. Johnny Galecki will also make a guest appearance in an episode.

Fans at home were not too thrilled with the Roseanne commercial, which may have caused some of Barr’s disdain for the awards show.

“’The family that looks like us’ is a gross, bad way to promote Roseanne. Rethink that, ABC,” an annoyed viewer wrote.

“When you liked #Roseanne during the 90s but can't support it now because its star is a toxic waste dump full of hate,” one user tweeted.

Others attacked Barr’s “political” charge of the Oscars, citing that she has already promised her sitcom will not shy away from discussing President Donald Trump, of whom she has been a vocal supporter.

“Guess there won't be politics on your show right??” a follower criticized. Another added, “You can dish it out but you can’t take it. Washed up has been.”


Others thanked Barr for “standing up” against typical Hollywood culture and echoed that they “never watch” award shows like the Oscars because of the stark political and social commentary.

While Barr turned off her television for the Academy Awards, she encouraged fans to tune into ABC on Tuesday, March 27 at 8 p.m. ET for the premiere of Roseanne, which is set to run for 10 episodes.