'Chicago Fire' and 'Chicago P.D.' Crossover Coming After Winter Olympics

Derek Haas, the co-creator of Chicago Fire, must have been feeling pretty generous on Sunday, because he shared a bunch of news and teases with fans out of nowhere on Twitter.

The screenwriter logged on in the mid-morning, simply tweeting, "Time for 7 questions! Who wants to ask one?" Fans took the cue immediately, bombarding Haas with questions about his acclaimed show and the spin-offs he's worked on as well.

The fourth question is where the big announcement came in. A follower asked, "When's the next crossover?" Haas didn't hesitate, he told fans exactly what they wanted to know.

"After the Olympics," he wrote. "PD into Fire... One big case that brings the two departments together."

This is great news for fans of all three Chicago dramas, who eagerly anticipate each crossover event. Although the shows are made and managed by many of the same people, tying them together is a complicated issue. Oftentimes showrunners come up against scheduling conflicts, budgetary restraints, or union limitations.

The rest of Haas's Twitter revelations were nice insights for fans as well, though none were quite as logistical. Haas offered some predictions about character relationships, shared what he feels is Casey's best quality, and gave a hint as to Severide's father's motivation for returning.

One fan even asked Haas what his favorite book was. The writer, who also has a couple of novels under his belt, answered without hesitation, "The Sun Also Rises. A perfect tale perfectly told."

Some of the questions Haas didn't get around to answering were also interesting. Many were more specific questions about the shows that would have constituted spoilers, but some were on the personal side.

"Where is your favorite place to go on vacation??" one user asked. "What was your first big break in the movie business," asked another. Haas likely didn't want to use up too many of his seven promised answers on personal matters, as that might have disappointed fans. Still, it's interesting to see fans taking such an interest in their favorite TV writers.

One hopeful fan fired off the question, "When will we see another crossover with [Chicago Fire] and [SVU]?" Perhaps it was too much to hope for two cross over announcements in one day.