'The Good Doctor' Fans Root for Shaun in Another Tear-Jerker

During tonight's episode of The Good Doctor, Shaun (Freddie Highmore), Claire (Antonia Thomas) and Neil (Nicholas Gonzalez) take a case that's personal for Shaun. The patient, Liam, is also autistic. The show has attracted the largest audience for a new drama this season, and fans took to Twitter to share their love.

The patient was surprisingly the first other autistic person Shaun has ever met. He needed Claire's help because she works well with people with autism.

After a failed MRI of the patient, Shaun tells Claire that he doesn't like the patient because he's autistic. Claire tells him she thinks Liam doesn't feel the same way. After all, he helped Liam get comfortable during the MRI. It was only a noise that disturbed the patient.

Shaun learned that he can connect to the patient and keep him calm. "You're like me," he tells him.

When Liam opens his eyes, Shaun realizes he has uveitis. Liam's parents are happy that Shaun diagnosed him, but they don't want him operating on their son.

A few fans thought the patient's mother was rude.

Shaun's "Mistakes are good" line left fans wrecked.

A humorous subplot of the episode was Shaun needing the perfect TV. Aaron (Richard Schiff) had to remind him that he can't spend too much on a TV. Jessica (Beau Garrett) had to remind Aaron why he fought for Shaun.

Aaron later confronted Neil about whether or not he agreed with Liam's parents about Shaun being in surgery. Neil tried to convince the parents that Shaun can operate. He insists that Shaun can do this, but the parents still don't have confidence in Shaun. Just as they get prepared to leave the hospital, Liam said he wanted Shaun to perform the surgery.

The Good Doctor fans really didn't like the parents.

Elsewhere in the episode, Jared (Chuku Modu) connected with an older patient who needed a new pacemaker. The man told Jared that his parents were lucky to have him. It's these stories that prove Saun isn't the only well-developed character on the show.

One Twitter fan was really excited about there being a black therapist on the show.

The surgery was complicated, but thankfully, it was a success.

The episode also ended on a downer, with Jared's patient Glen dying.

Most importantly, did Shaun finally earn that TV? He did help Liam's parents learn to handle their son's autism better.

Yes, Shaun did figure out which TV to get.

New episodes of The Good Doctor air on ABC at 10 p.m. ET.