'Ash vs. Evil Dead' Season 3 Premieres in February 2018

After waiting patiently for nearly a year, Ash vs. Evil Dead will finally get to see the continued adventures of Ash Williams and his quest to destroy all Deadites when the series returns to Starz on February 25, 2018.

ash vs evil dead season 3 premiere date
(Photo: Starz)

Starz made the announcement today and explained, "The third season finds Ash’s status in Elk Grove, Michigan has changed from murderous urban legend to humanity-saving hometown hero. When Kelly witnesses a televised massacre with Ruby’s fingerprints all over it, she returns with a new friend to warn Ash and Pablo that evil isn’t done with them yet. Blood is thicker than water in the battle of good vs Evil Dead!"

If seeing the continued adventures of Ash isn't enough reason to tune in, actor Bruce Campbell also revealed earlier this year that the upcoming season would answer a question that fans have been wondering since his first encounters with the living undead in The Evil Dead.

"Things won’t all be well, because the mythology’s going to kick in now, which will give us all an idea of why Ash was chosen – this average idiot…this fool was written of in an ancient book," Campbell shared with Dread Central.

"So Season 3 is where it all will come to a head – the ultimate mettle of the average man will be tested by these demonic forces, and if man fails, then evil will rule the earth – those are the stakes…OH!, and he may be a father," Campbell added.

In the first two Evil Dead films, Ash appeared to be a regular guy in the wrong place at the wrong time. As his story progressed in Army of Darkness, fans learned that there was an ancient book that foresaw Ash returning to medieval times, predicting this "Chosen One" would save humanity from villainous threats.

The first two seasons of the series aired during the fall season, so it's unclear the reason for pushing Season 3 to early 2018. It's possible that, due to Campbell writing a new book and making appearances in support of it this year, the shooting schedule conflicted with the actor's commitments.

It's also possible that, with American Horror Story, Channel Zero and The Exorcist all currently airing, the series didn't want to have to compete with the crowded horror TV landscape.

Tune in to Ash vs. Evil Dead on February 25, 2018.