'Haunted' Doll With Human Hair and Eyes Terrifies TV Host

A creepy and freakish doll had a favorite TV host feeling the chill up their spine. According to The Mirror, Bargain Hunt's Charlie Ross had the chance to see and appraise a doll that featured human hair, some teeth and the eyes from a dead man. The creepy doll made its way to the Newark Antiques Fair in Nottinghamshire all the way from Texas.

Marie Wesson brought the doll from its home in the Nottingham Haunted Museum, along with some other creepy goodies from the Victorian era. The doll is the standout, dating back to the 1930s in Texas. The doll's name is George and according to Wesson, the doll has dead man's eyes and real human hair.

"He came to us from Texas and, back in the day, they would make things like George in memory of passed loved ones," Wesson explains. "The difference with George is the passed loved one... George now has his glass eyes and hair."

Ross is understandably curious once he hears about the doll's eyes and hair, with Wesson explaining why the doll is even creepier than it looks. "The family member who passed over. He came to us because the family was experiencing a lot of paranormal things with him," she adds. "They would get headaches and their eyes would start hurting, so they took him to a few mediums and apparently George wants his eyes and hair back, he can't rest without them."

Ross is clearly not a fan at this point, saying that he can "feel a bit of a headache coming on" after Wesson mentions it. One look at George and all we can think about is Chris Farley, but we're also not dealing with any haunting.

Ghostly and demonic dolls are one of the mainstays of folklore and horror over the years. The most famous "evil" doll is likely Annabelle, both the titular film ghost and the Raggedy Anne doll that lives in The Warrens' museum. George giving people headaches is a bit far down the list of urgency unless George also happens to be a Scanner or something.

The doll doesn't even really need a ghost story to be creepy. If you woke up in the night and saw that staring back at you, it is possible you won't be sleeping on that mattress after that night.