The White House Tweets 'Happy Hanukkah' Image and Social Media Immediately Reacts

The White House managed to stir up a social media storm on Sunday after it tweeted out a Hanukkah message to commemorate the first night of the Jewish festival of lights. The eight-day celebration began on Sunday, Dec. 22, and will conclude on Dec. 30. The message was marked with an image of the menorah, and a simple 'Happy Hanukka from the White House' message across the top.

This was the second Hanukkah tweet from the executive branch this year, as President Donald Trump himself tweeted out a message for the holiday just yesterday. Considering the divisive nature of President Donald Trump and his administration overall, social media was quick to react.

Some were supportive of the message, tweeting simple variations of "Happy Hanukkah" and "Merry Christmas" messages in return. However, others were quick to point out Trump's recent impeachment by the House of Representatives. This included more than a few mentions of the newly coined holiday phrase, 'Impeachmas.'

Other users took to Twitter to point out the administration's advocacy for "both sides," a phrase made famous by Trump after addressing the massive Charlottesville protests in August of 2017, which left one woman, Heather Heyer, dead.

Still, others pointed out the president's long-held (and truly bizarre) talking point that Americans are allowed to say "Merry Christmas" once more.


Some, meanwhile, were happy to have a non-controversial message, at least at face value, coming out of the White House.

The president's daughter, unpaid White House advisor Ivanka Trump, faced similar blowback earlier this week when she tweeted out a 'Happy Hanukkah' message of her own. Like her father, the responses were overwhelmingly critical, and quick to point out his recent impeachment by the House.