McDonald's Brings Back Shamrock Shake This Month, but There's a Catch

Fans of McDonald's' Shamrock Shake look forward to the green treat every year in March, and this year, they'll get to enjoy it twice — though only if they live in a certain city on the East Coast. Delish reports that McDonald's decided to bring the Shamrock Shake back in September to support the Philadelphia Eagles at the start of their season, with the shakes available only in the greater Philadelphia area.

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The Eagles kicked off their regular season on Sunday, Sept. 8 with a win over the Washington Redskins at their home venue, Lincoln Financial Field. The team has three more games in September — Sept. 15 at the Atlanta Falcons, Sept. 22 vs. the Detroit Lions and Sept. 26 at the Green Bay Packers — which gives Eagles fans three more chances to enjoy their Shamrock Shakes and a football game at the same time.

Fans originally began speculating about the shake's return after signs began appearing in Philadelphia advertising the drink.

For the rest of us, we'll just have to wait until March — or head to Philadelphia.


The Shamrock Shake is a minty confection made of vanilla ice cream and syrup with whipped cream on top. The dessert arrives each year in time for St. Patrick's Day and and stays in select stores for just a few weeks before going into hibernation until the next year.

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