Jeffrey Epstein's Former Bodyguard Claims He Reportedly Had Help With Prison Suicide

The former bodyguard for deceased accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is making a bold claim in a new chat with New York Magazine. The Intelligencer spoke with former Russian UFC fighter Igor Zinoviev in a fairly shocking interview that went into detail about his former boss' alleged activities, their relationship and the circumstances surrounding his death.

In the explosive interview, Zinoviev claims that somebody reportedly helped Epstein to kill himself in prison.

"You think somebody helped him kill himself?"


"Okay. Why?"

"Listen, you know, that going a little too deep."

The interview only gets stranger from there, with discussions about what Zinoviev knew and when he knew it, allusions to shadowy figures that could put people in danger and the infamous "Lolita Express." There was also this chilling exchange while discussion an alleged incident where police would call Epstein before coming to arrest him.

He always do something wrong. There was some nights in question. There was at home arrest and police, before they come to the house, they call him and tell him they coming in at eight o’clock in the morning. It’s all corruption you know. It’s all bulls---.

"Listen, don’t put yourself in trouble. Seriously."

"We talked about this."

"I understand we got this."

"I’m telling you to give you a chance to remember because we talked about this stuff. I know it’s hard. I don’t know what you mean about “put myself in trouble.”

"Let that go. Seriously. Let that go."

"Why is it so important? Are you worried about the local cops?"

"Listen, you’re really smart and I’m not going to offer that over the phone right now, okay? You’re really smart. You have no idea. Please!"

The former MMA fighter said he worked for Epstein for around five or six years according to The Sun, including the period in 2008 when the disgraced financier was serving his 13-month sentence in 2008.

An earlier interview from 2015, unpublished according to the New York Post, saw the ex-bodyguard get far more candid about his former boss.

“Me personally, if I caught him with my daughter or something do that — I’m not going to go to police. I do something else. Much worse."


Epstein died by suicide Saturday, instantly grabbing headlines and raising questions about how he managed to succeed. The accused had previously attempted suicide in July, earning him a place on suicide watch and raising eyebrows with conspiracy-minded people.

His death sparked more speculation about his powerful connections and the conditions inside the prison. According to the Washington Post, Epstein's autopsy showed he had a broken "hyoid bone" in his neck, near the Adam's apple. This was noted to be something that can present in hangings, but was more typical in people who had been strangled.