Wendy's Brings Back Spicy Chicken Nuggets This Monday

The wait for the return of Spicy Chicken Nuggets is almost over. On Thursday, beloved fast food chain Wendy’s announced that the fan-favorite menu item will officially be back on menus Monday, Aug. 12, a week earlier than they were initially set to make their return. In late June, the fast food chain had claimed the nuggets would be back Aug. 19.

News that the wait is almost over, fans, who have been pining for the return of Spicy Chicken Nuggets ever since they were first pulled from the menu in 2017, are rejoicing, many responding to the restaurant’s tweet.

“Let’s break our diets for nuggies,” one person joked.

“Hey [Wendy’s] what would you do if I ate all the spicy chicken nuggets before anybody else got them?” another asked.

“PLEASE LEAVE THEM ON THE MENU THIS TIME. Don’t be like BK,” a third person begged. “PLEASEE.”

“F– never loved monday so hard till rn,” another commented.

First debuting on menus in 2017, Spicy Chicken Nuggets were snatched from the menu just as quickly as they had risen to become a fan-favorite item. In the years that followed their disappearance, fans petitioned Wendy’s to return the spice to the menu, though their efforts seemed fruitless until May of this year, when Chance the Rapper joined the fight.

“I WILL have a good day, I Will succeed today, Wendy’s WILL bring back spicy nuggets at some point please please Lord let it be today,” he wrote on Twitter, putting the return into motion.

Responding to the rapper’s tweet, the fast food chain promised to bring Spicy Chicken Nuggets back should their tweet climb to 2 million likes, a number that was soon surpassed.

Keeping true to their word, the fast food chain later revealed “Spicy Chicken Nuggets are coming back!” and that “We don’t know when yet, gotta figure it out, but soon, and ok, LOSING IT RIGHT NOW THIS IS AMAZING!!”

Then, in June, the chain once again took to the social media platform asking fans to “save the date” for an unspecified reason.


“Hey, just wanted to send a lunch invite out to everyone. Was looking at the calendar and this seemed like it was probably the best date. Figured it would be a good chance for a couple million of us to get together," a Google invite read. "Just thought we’d throw a little nugget out there and see who wanted to hang. You’re gonna want to keep this on the schedule.”

It was later announced that Spicy Chicken Nuggets would return nationwide on Aug. 19, though fan urging seems to have bumped that date up a week.