McDonald's Set to Release New 'Worldwide Favorite' Menu Items

McDonald's is set to add even more "Worldwide Favorite" items to its menus in U.S. restaurants, but it will take a year for them to reach mass locations across the country. The new items will first only be available at locations in Connecticut before rolling out in summer 2020, according to a new report.

On Thursday, Business Insider reported that new test items will be available in just under 100 Connecticut locations, according to internal documents the site obtained. The items include Mexico's Savory Ranch Burger, the Grand Premium Chicken Sandwich from France, the McChicken McMuffin from Japan and Canada's Caramel Brownie McFlurry.

If the items are a hit in Connecticut, they could be available nationwide in summer 2020.

(Photo: McDonald's)

The Savory Ranch Burger sounds like a menu item that would fit in a fast-casual dining restaurant like Chili's or Red Robin. The burger has ranch dressing and bacon atop of a beef patty. Meanwhile, the Grand Premium Chicken Sandwich appears to be a breaded chicken fillet with a special sauce. McMchicken McMuffin looks like a chicken fillet on a McMuffin, similar to what you would find on a Chick-fil-a breakfast menu without the "Mc" in front.

Lastly, Canada's Carmel Brownie McFlurry looks as tasty as it sounds, with strips of caramel between vanilla ice cream, topped with brownie chunks.

These new menu items follow this year's "Worldwide Favorites" items, which rolled out in June. The menu included the Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger from Spain, the cheesy bacon fries from Australia, the Stroopwafel McFlurry from the Netherlands and the tomato-mozzarella chicken sandwich from Canada.

These new menu items are usually more expensive than the typical McDonald's fare. For example, the Double Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger cost $9.99 at a Brooklyn McDonald's, compared to the traditional Double Quarter Pounder at $7.99.

McDonald's did not comment on the Business Insider report.

While the new menu items might get customers in the door, it is the classic burgers, fries and drinks that people are buying. On Friday, McDonald's reported a 5.7 percent sales growth at restaurants opened for at least 13 months, reports CNN. McDonald's said sales grew for its traditional menu items, driven by the two-for-$5 deal and the modern update to locations. The jump was more than 1 percent above what analysts expected.


McDonald's has also been trying to keep costs down by limiting its late night menu and shutting down a line of pricey craft sandwiches. The company also reported that its first wave of international menu items did not garner as much consumer interest as expected.

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