Mother Admits She Can't Stand Being a Parent in Heartbreaking Thread, and the Comments Roll In

One mom is making waves online for her heartbreaking confession that she hates being a parent.

The mom, who goes by frustration1987 on Reddit, spoke her truth on motherhood in a post shared just two months ago, admitting that although she loves her 2-year-old daughter, she has come to realize that motherhood, what is often deemed as the most magical thing a woman can have, is not for her.

“I will admit this is better than when she was brand new, but I still hate it. I hate the immense responsibility, I hate that all she wants is me a lot of the time,” she explained. “I do my best to be a good mom, we spend a lot of time together since I am a mostly stay at home mom, not by choice and it may be changing soon, hopefully. We play, I had to her, we spend a lot of time outside I try and teach her stuff and really be present. But I hate it. I look forward to her going for her naps, I can't wait until she goes to bed at night, so I can have time away from her.”

“I wish I knew what it would actually like to be a parent before I decided to get pregnant,” she continued. “I miss my old life, I miss just going out, I miss being able to pick up shifts at work whenever because we didn't have to worry about child care. I miss being able to be spontaneous with my husband.”

The stay-at-home mom, who stated that unlike her friends, she hasn’t “felt one pang of sadness about” her child growing up, went on to explain that she and her husband have since agreed not to have any more children, though she often wonders what she’s “doing wrong” when she sees other couples expanding their families.

Much to her surprise, the open confession was met with a round of support, as well as similar stories, from fellow parents.

“Yeah I could have written this myself. It’s nice to see I’m not the only one that feels this way,” one person wrote.

“I love my kid. I hate being a mom," another added.

Several more reassured the anonymous mom that although she feels this way currently, it will get better.

“Normal feelings. Parenting isn’t some magical experience that fills every void in your soul. It’s a mental/physical slog that actually lays bare all of your weaknesses,” one person wrote. “But there’s real love there and moments of unspeakable joy that only you’ll be able to understand.”


“I had someone tell me that I should give up trying to re-create how my life was before having a baby, and that is the most sound advice I've gotten yet," another wrote. “"It will never be the same, and as soon as I realized that, I started realizing that I don't dislike being around my son as much anymore. I've finally started to embrace the idea of a new chapter, and stopped trying to go back to how it was."

In an update, the mom wrote that she still regrets becoming a parent, she will “do the best job I can” and “maybe I will actually enjoy it one day when she’s older.”