Nose Hair Extensions Take Over Instagram as Latest Beauty Trend

A strange new fashion trend is growing out on social media: fake nose hair extensions.

The fashion world is poised to flip on nose hairs, making them longer rather than plucking them out. According to a report by The Sun by Health magazine, the eccentric new twist began with Instagram user GretChen Chen back in 2017, and has slowly taken off from there. It began with fake eyelashes worn inside the nose, and has slowly taken on a life of its own.

Now, a surprising number of users online are posting selfies with the luxuriant lashes poking out of their nostrils. The hairs seem to be glued on inside, and they flair out in wide circular patterns.

(Photo: Instagram @gret_chen_chen)

On Instagram, you'll find no less than 400 photos of bold fashionistas with their #NoseHairExtensions on display. They range from novelty and joke posts to deadly serious, or at least it looks that way. While the trend is growing online, it may be a while yet before you see someone bold enough to wear them out in public.

"It's about time the hair in our nose got the facial recognition it deserves," said YouTuber Taylor R with a deadpan stare in her nose hair extension tutorial video.

Taylor's followers had mixed reactions to the look as well, although they were not cruel to her about it.

"Only person I know that would still look cute with nose hair extensions," one person wrote with a crying-laughing emoticon.

"I would be afraid to inhale the extensions," pointed out another.

"All through out the video I keep saying in my head 'please don't go out in the public,'" wrote a third person. "I was so worried hahaha."

In fairness, Taylor R did not seem to take the trend too seriously either. She compared it to some other novelty trends that did not quite catch on, such as asymmetrical eyebrows or six-inch-long eyelashes.


According to Taylor's video, the trick to successful nose hair extensions is "subtlety." She tried out several different products to find the one that hid discretely in her nostril. She also pointed out the potential hazard of lining her nostril with the strong glue needed to hold the false eyelashes in place.

It seems safe to assume that nose hair extensions will be confined to social media and YouTube indefinitely. If you want to blaze your own path, however, grab your favorite false eyelash product and start experimenting!