Tennessee State Football Player Christion Abercrombie Remains in Critical Condition After Collapsing in Locker Room

Tennessee State football player Christion Abercrombie remains in critical condition after collapsing in the locker room.

According to PEOPLE, Abercrombie suffered a head injury on Saturday while the team was facing off against Vanderbilt and he had to be rushed to the hospital. While he is still unconscious, he is said to be responding to gospel music.

"I’m hopeful that tomorrow will get even better, and if it’s the same then we’ll go to the next day," his mother Staci told TODAY Show hosts on Thursday. "We know it’s a process, but we’re not rushing it."

Reportedly, 20-year-old Abercrombie had complained of having a headache in the first half of the game, but it wasn't until he was walking to the locker room at half time that he collapsed from his injury.

"I can’t even play it back in my head because I didn’t see anything," his mother said. "The Vandy coaches have reviewed the film, everyone has reviewed the film. No one can say, ‘Oh, it was that hit.’ All of them were clean, normal hits."

Staci went on to state that she is unable to "say [Christion’s] doing great, but I’m still blessed and I feel like my son is blessed because he’s still here fighting."

During a press conference on Wednesday, Staci revealed that music seems to have been making a difference for her son while he's in critical condition.

"I asked one of his friends to download some music on the tablet for him," she said. "And we played it and he was listening to different music and he responded with raising his hand."


Staci went on to explain that her son "loves music, he loves God, he loves ‘Let It Rain’ by Bishop Paul Morton, and I kept playing it and kept playing it and he would rub my nails as he heard different songs… Those are the positive signs we are seeing."

At this time, Abercrombie's doctors do not appear to have commented on when they expect to see his condition improve.