Samantha Markle Criticizes Meghan Markle's Coat of Arms

Meghan Markle's half-sister Samantha Markle has taken to social media to criticize the new Duchess of Sussex's coat of arms.

(Photo: Samantha Markle / Twitter)

The Daily Mail reports that Samantha tweeted from her private twitter account, writing, "Extremely improper that my father was not named on the coat of arms, and quite frankly it looks like it was drawn by someone in a kindergarten classroom."

"Our father is American but we have ties in the family tree to royalty in several places according to the college of arms," she added, later elaborating on her "coat of arms" comment by saying that "according to the college of arms in American should be named on the coat if arms if he is in anyway related to royalty. My father is."

"What is represented on this coat of arms communication is weak," Samantha continued. "Where is their representation of women's rights or humanitarianism?"

Many people on Twitter have commented on Samantha's criticism of Markle's new royal seal, with a number of them in turn criticizing her for a point-of-view they disagree with.

"Why is [Samantha Markle] upset about the Coat of Arms? You & the rest of the Markle family have been an embarrassment. As an American, I'm embarrassed for Meghan," one Twitter user wrote.


"The queen didn't reward the disrespectful, self serving behavior of you and your family because you dont deserve it," the Twitter user continued.

"I’m not sure what this woman is trying to accomplish? If it’s to have the entire world think she’s bitter and jealous then it’s job done! Crawl back under your rock already," someone else wrote, while another person commented, "Would someone in the royal family tell that money grabbing attention seeking b— to shut her mouth and stop looking to be in the limelight."