Ohio Man Charged With 43 Felonies for Raping Daughter

According to the Cincinnati Inquirer, an Ohio man was arrested last month for reportedly raping his own daughter from the time she was 10 until she was 25 years old, impregnating her with two children twice.

The man was charged on Friday with 43 felonies, including 23 counts of rape, 17 counts of sexual battery and two counts of endangering children. The man's wife was also charged with two counts of felony complicity. The Inquirer chose not to name either the man or his wife in order to keep the identity of the victim private.

Police told the Inquirer that the man began assaulting the victim several times a month by the time she was 10 years old, then turned to forced rape when she turned 13. The victim left the family home at age 25 and alerted the police as to what had happened.

Genetic testing revealed that the daughter's two children were close relatives to the father.

The assaults occurred at two different locations in Whitewater Township (west of Cincinnati) and Riverside (east of Dayton), despite the fact that the man's address was listed South Fairmount inside the Cincinnati city limits.


The man was arrested on Feb. 20, and his wife was arrested in March 2. Both are being held in the Hamilton County Justice Center.

The Inquirer reported that the man will be arraigned in the Hamilton County Common Pleas Court on Friday. The wife's arraigned date has yet to be determined.