Bud Light Has to Pay Massive Tab if Philadelphia Eagles Win the Super Bowl

Last August, Budweiser made a special bet back with one of the Philadelphia Eagles players. Now if the Eagles can pull off an upset win in Sunday's Super Bowl LII, the beer company will have no choice but to pay up.

Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson joked during a training camp interview on July 31 that if the Eagles could win the Super Bowl, he'd be giving out free beer to everybody at the victory party.

"If we won a Super Bowl... Hey I'm giving out beer to everybody!" Johnson said.

The Bud Light Twitter account noticed Johnson's comment, and three days later made a reply.

"[Lane Johnson] Let's make a bet. Win it all and the party is on us. Deal?" the account wrote.

As the season rolled on, Eagles fans have periodically brought up the bet, which Bud Light hasn't forgotten.

"Remember, Bud Light promised Lane Johnson back in August that they'd supply the beer if the Eagles hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy this year," @LitaWords tweeted.

"Hey Bud Light, bet in August you really didn’t think that you might have to really buy all of Philadelphia a beer! Lane Johnson knew what this team could do!! Party! #FlyEaglesFly" user Tomi Rohfling tweeted.

Even Johnson kept the bet in mind, tweeting the hashtag, "never forget" on Nov. 28.

"Oh believe us, we haven't forgotten," the Bud Light account wrote in response to Johnson.

The bet was brought up once again after the Eagles defeated the Vikings in the NFC Championship game, setting up a Super Bowl against four-time champion Tom Brady and the Patriots.

"[Bud Light] just HOW MUCH beer does philly get if the [Eagles] win the super bowl?" Eagles fan Britt Bernard tweeted at the brand.

"We don't wanna jinx any true friends of the [crown emoji] so the plans are still under wraps!" Bud Light responded.

So it looks like if the Eagles win, the celebration party is on the beer conglomerate.