Dustin Lynch Finds New Reasons to Work Hard


Dustin Lynch Finds New Reasons to Work Hard

NASCAR Legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. Crashes Into Tree During Winter Storm: 'Being a Bit of a Fool'

Dale Earnhardt Jr.recalled the frightening moment his car slid and hit a tree on Wednesday as Winter Storm Inga continues to leave roads slick and snowy.

"NC stay off the roads today/tonight," the retired NASCAR driver wrote on social media. "5 minutes after helping these folks I center punched a pine tree."

Earnhardt shared a photo of another vehicle planted in the snow alongside the message.

A spokesman for Earnhardt, Mike Davis, said the driver was not injured and his pickup truck had sustained minor damage, if any. Davis added that the people Earnhardt helped were not injured, CBS News reports.

Earnhardt's crash happened in Mooresville, North Carolina, near his racing team's shop and offices.

Following the accident, Earnhardt elaborated on social media, assuring fans he and his vehicle were fine.

"Getting all kinds of text[s] that I was in a traffic accident today. I just scratched my winch on the trunk of a pine," he wrote. "No crash. Just driving too fast in the snow. Being a bit of a fool."

He also responded to the mother of one of the people he assisted before his own slick incident.

"Dale Omg! I'm Jeremy's mother Sandra Wilson I'm home battling cancer and when he called me and told me that you pulled him out of a ditch you are my angel. Thank you so much for helping my son!" a follower praised him for assisting her son.

"No problem. It was a group effort. He needs to get some new tires on that car ASAP," the retired driver replied.

Earnhardt added that he also helped push a police officer's car to safety later in the day.

Many of Earnhardt's other tweets urged North Carolina residents to express caution while driving or venturing outdoors amidst the winter storm conditions, following up to 4 inches of snow dumped in his area on Wednesday.

"NC people listen up. That noise you hear is not the delivery truck outside unloading your nursery furniture (that is due today). It’s frozen snow sliding off your roof! Be careful out there," the father-to-be jokingly warned followers Thursday.

The snow fall in North Carolina on Wednesday was part of a wide band of precipitation that stretched from southeastern Texas all the way to western Massachusetts.