Model Gives New Details About Miami Dolphins Coach's Drug Habits

The Las Vegas woman who leaked the incriminating video of Miami Dolphins offensive line coach Chris Foerster that led to his resignation is opening up about Foerster's drug habits.

Model Kijuana Nige said Foerster sniffed cocaine off her body multiple times during their month-long relationship and that she was motivated to expose him after he warned her against harming him.

“He basically sent me a message saying anything I planned to do or tried to harm him will be turned over to his job’s security team,” Nige said Wednesday in an ESPN Radio interview with Dan Le Batard and Jon Weiner.

“After he sent the video, he came off his high and low-key kind of threatened me if I ended up exposing the information. Before he could do anything to me, I felt that needed to be exposed. Just in case I somehow pop up dead, that story was still going to get out.”

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The video Nige leaked showed Foerster sniffing three lines of a white substance off a table and "professing his love" for her.

She said she and Foerster met when the team was practicing in Oxnard, Calif., the week before the Dolphins played the Los Angeles Chargers on Sept. 17.

“He was calling for entertainment,” she said. “He did mention he wanted to party. We met multiple times. Chris Foerster used me as his cocaine platter. … I was dating him.”

Nige also made a brief mention of her “high-risk” pregnancy that she said she discussed with Foerster. She said he kept cocaine in his desk in his Miami office and used the drug wherever the team traveled.

“This is a regular habit of his anywhere he goes,” she said. “Doesn’t matter if they’re in Miami or London or New York. I was invited everywhere they went. Everywhere they went he sent me other footage. That is not the only piece of footage. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. He was doing it at his desk. He was at his Miami office.”

When asked why she ultimately decided to leak the video she said she wanted to "expose the inequalities in the system."

"It’s not just the NFL. The inequalities that come with being a minority compared with a white privileged person in America in general," she said. "This is shining light on the inequalities we have as a country. We don’t get paid the same amount as everyone else."

“How do we have someone who is paid millions to be a leader for a team doing blow when we can’t have blacks kneeling for the anthem. After I realized his habits and who he was and everything going on the system, he was going to get exposed,” she added.