McDonald's Customer Claims to Find 'Maggot Larvae' Crawling Through Her Big Mac

A McDonald's customer was in for an unappetizing surprise when she allegedly found maggot larvae in her Big Mac.

Earlier this week, a woman from New South Wales named Yasmine Batur took to Facebook to share footage of the burger she had just bought from the fast food chain.

After taking one bite of the sandwich, Batur noticed a bunch of little critters crawling around inside the beef patty. Luckily for her, she managed to see the maggot larvae before eating the entire burger. Her partner wasn't as fortunate.

"I just sat down to enjoy a double quarter pounder," she wrote, "Just bought from [McDonald's] when I saw all the lovely maggots enjoying it too. How dare they [serve] this to unsuspecting customers. Michael unfortunately finished his before I seen it and is violently vomiting."

The video that Batur posted shows her pulling apart the burger to discover that there appears to be a number of live maggots crawling around between the melted cheese and beef patty.

According to McDonald's Australia, the woman's claims are false and that it is "not possible" for the maggots to have been in the burger that they prepared.

"It's not possible for this to occur in our restaurants. Our food is cooked at incredibly high temperatures," a spokesman told Daily Mail.