'Haunted' Doll Sold on eBay Wreaks Havoc on Owner's Family

A doll sold on eBay that is being described as "possessed" has its owners freaked out after a series of haunting encounters.

The doll, which is dressed in a Victorian era wedding gown, has been sold online on multiple occasions and seems to target and attack married men, according to the owners' accounts. It was originally owned by Debbie Merrick and is currently owned by Lee Steer.

Steer acquired the dollar for over $1000 after a bidding war on eBay. After just two days, Steer says that he and his family experienced paranormal activity with the doll.

"My dad was downstairs in the morning, at this point the doll was still packed away, and he heard like a tapping noise on wood. He said it was a bit unusual," Steer said while speaking with Daily Mail.

"Later that day he was watching the repeat of one of our live streams with the doll. I was doing a live stream upstairs in my room. Then he said to my mom, 'My arm's hurting.' He lifted up his sleeve and he had six scratches on his arm," Steer added.

"My mom shouted to me, 'Lee, you best get downstairs - your dad's getting affected. He's got scratches on him. It seems pretty similar to the scratches on Debbie's husband from what I can tell. We have no idea where they came from. My dad's a believer. He said he's not happy with it being in the house," he said.

This isn't the only odd experience that Steer has had with the doll.

"We were putting stuff away that weekend before it arrived and started talking about it, and all of a sudden a picture I have on my wall called The Crying Boy started swinging on its own," Steer said. "We've gone months without anything unusual happening and as soon as this doll is mentioned things start happening."

"I have another picture propped up on the floor. In the dark I could hear this sound, and when I put the light on and looked, the picture frame had completely dismantled itself," he said.

Another event was witnessed by a host of people.

"We did a live stream opening of the doll that 35,000 people watched, and a light I use was flickering, it was like a strobe. It was the first time that had ever happened. And people contacted me saying they could see the doll's eyes moving," he said.

Steer also believes that the doll could be trying to communicate.

"I've used a random words app that some people believe spirits can manipulate, and when I've asked it it's name it said, 'Samantha,' " he said. "When i said I really wanted to p*ss it off, it said, 'Strike Lee.' If it's random words then it shouldn't be making sense."