Moms Are Warning All Parents After Their Fidget Spinners Caught on Fire

Fidget spinners are currently a huge trend for kids around the country, but multiple moms are sharing a major warning after they say their fidget spinners caught on fire.

Michelle Carr of Fenton, Michigan told Fox 66 News that she likes her fidget spinner because they help her smoke less. When she bought a Bluetooth version of the toy, however, it caught on fire after being on its charger for 30 minutes.

"Right here in this book case, I could see the reflection [in the glass]," Carr said. "The fidget spinner was on fire on my counter."

She added that there were no directions on how to charge the device, so she used a cord that she generally uses for her baby monitor.

"I know there are tons of kids who want to go get them, but if you plug them in, just stay by and make sure it's charged and it doesn't catch," she said.

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In a separate incident in Alabama, Kimberly Allums revealed a similar issue, giving her son a Bluetooth fidget spinner that burst into flames after just 45 minutes of charging.

"[My son] noticed that it burst into flames and he just started screaming," she told WBRC-TV. "I was downstairs and all I heard was 'fire, fire,' and the fidget spinner had literally — it was smoking, it was in flames."

Again, there was no warning that came with the spinner and the box didn't have instructions to contact the manufacturer.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating the reports.

"We advise parents to keep fidget spinners away from young children because they can choke on small parts. Warn older children not to put fidget spinners in their mouths," their statement read.

The commission also warned users to stay in the same room as devices that are charging batteries.

"Never charge a product with batteries overnight while you are sleeping. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and use the charger from the manufacturer that is designed specifically for your device," they added.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @RealSimple


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