'Orange Is the New Black': Netflix Gives Fans First Look at Final Season

Netflix announced the final season of Orange Is the New Black on Wednesday, complete with a teaser for the new episodes.

Fans were devastated when Netflix announced that Orange Is the New Black would end with the final season, but that does not make them any less excited to watch it. On Wednesday, the streaming service announced that Season 7 would be out on Friday, July 26. At the same time, they released a musical teaser for the show's grand finale.

The trailer takes place on the set of Orange Is the New Black, cutting between cast members in and out of costume, all singing along to the show's theme song — "You've Got Time" by Regina Spektor. The teaser shows the TV studio around the prison set, and the cast members walking around it singing dreamily to themselves.

"Remember all their faces, remember all their voices," they intone.

The final season of the show will reportedly see “the ladies of Litchfield come to terms with the fact that prison has changed them forever.” Netflix's official description shows that the dramedy has new stories to tell, but it also has some closure ahead for fans.

“Piper (Taylor Schilling) struggles with life on the outside, while life in Max, as corrupt and unjust as ever, goes on without her,” an official synopsis provided to The Wrap reads. “Taystee’s (Danielle Brooks) friendship with Cindy (Adrienne C. Moore) still hangs in the balance as her life sentence looms, Gloria (Selenis Leyva) and her kitchen staff are confronted by the hard truth of Polycon’s newest profit stream, while others chase drugs or dreams and grapple with the reality of their place in this world.”

Actress Danielle Brooks recently opened up about the season in an interview with Elite Daily, saying that it will find the characters in some of their darkest moments yet, wondering what the point of a life behind bars is.


“It’s about survival… Now that she’s been convicted of this crime that she didn’t commit,” she said. “So, for her, she’s trying to figure out, 'Is life worth living?’ And I think the audience, as much as she’s toiling with that, I think they will be as frustrated at where it’s taking them emotionally. But at the end of the day, I think the whole thing is to continue to find ways to find your hope."

The first six seasons of Orange Is the New Black are streaming now on Netflix. The final season will be available on Friday, July 26.