Netflix Reviews Director's Deal Due to Harassment Allegations

Netflix is reconsidering its deal with Chilean filmmaker Nicolas Lopez after a number of sexual misconduct allegations surfaced.

The streaming giant had been planning a new project with Lopez, in addition to licensing some of his existing films. However, in light of the new allegations the company has put his contract "under review," according to a report by Variety. Lopez is facing harsh allegations from no less than eight women. They include actresses and models, notably Josefina Montané, Lucy Cominetti, Andrea Velasco and María Vidaurre.

“Netflix has licensed several of Nicolás López films in the past and we have an agreement for one of his new projects, which is now currently under review,” reads a statement from Netflix.

Lopez refuted the allegations against him in no uncertain terms. He took to Instagram with a somewhat apologetic post.

“I don’t understand what is happening nor the break in my years-long relationships of trust and affection," he wrote. "If I sometimes have been misunderstood, I apologize. But I’m not a stalker nor an abuser.”

Lopez has since made his Instagram account private. He also posted a video on YouTube, where he repeated a similar sentiment. He stated his intention to fight the accusations no matter what, and said that he would be resigning from his company, Sobras, so that the scandal would not affect his friends and co-workers.

Among many other things, Lopez is known for writing Aftershock. He also produced movies like The Green Inferno and Knock Knock, which starred Keanu Reeves. Many of his films deal directly with the autonomy of women, and the trials they face in speaking their minds.

The accusations against Lopez were first published in Sabado magazine, a Chilean publication. Lopez's lawyer, Paula Vial, told Variety that the article was largely "misleading or taken out of context."


“We will evaluate legal actions to defend Lopez’s honor,” she went on. “We are convinced that Nicolas is not an abuser and we plan to prove this."

At this point, several of Lopez's movies remain on Netflix's streaming catalogue despite the ongoing review.