'Cobra Kai' Star Is Son of Atlanta Braves Coach

One cast member from the Netflix series Cobra Kai is a big Atlanta Braves. Dallas Dupree Young, who plays Kenny in Cobra Kai, is the son of Eric Young Sr., the first base coach of the Atlanta Braves. Young Sr. recently spoke to Mark Bowman of MLB.com about his son, and he said he's very proud of him. 

"As a father, I love the fact he's doing something he genuinely loves and has a passion for," Young Sr. said. "He's not doing it just for the money. He's doing it because he loves it and he wants to be the best. I'll always remember the one goal he had. He said, 'Daddy, one day we're going to walk the red carpet together.'"

Dallas Young, 15, has put together a strong acting resume, appearing in the Nickelodeon show Cousins for Life and other network shows such as 9-1-1, Shameless and The Fosters. He was first seen on Cobra Kai in the fourth season, which premiered on New Year's Eve. And his character is one of the many reasons the show is ranked No. 2 in Netflix's Top 10 shows and movies as of Thursday night. 

"This show is just phenomenal," Young Sr. said. "Dallas has become an instant star. So, he doesn't need to be holding on to dad's shorts anymore. He's got his own fan club out there. It's been great to see." One of the good things about Dallas being on Cobra Kai is the show is filmed primarily in Atlanta, meaning he can see his father at the Braves games. Over the last couple of years, Young Sr. has been on set to see his son, and Dallas traveled through the Braves through their World Series win.


"It was so good to have him here to experience the championship run and then to go right into, you know, his line of work," Young Sr. said. "You know how he smiles and everything, but when they say action, he turns into that character instantly."  Young Sr., 54, has been with the Braves since 2018. He played in the MLB from 1992-2006 and was named an All-Star in 1996. His other son, Eric Young Jr., played in the league from 2009-2018 and is now an assistant coach for the Washington Nationals.