Chris Bosh Spotted Backstage for Eddie Murphy's 'SNL' Return, and He Wasn't Alone

Saturday night, Eddie Murphy made his return to SNL, hosting the longtime sketch show despite rumors that he would never appear on the soundstage again. This return was a star-studded event for the actor/comedian considering the figures that were on hand to watch. For example, former NBA star Chris Bosh was spotted backstage, but he was not alone.

According to a post on Instagram, Bosh was hanging out with rapper Talib Kweli, actor/musician Donald Glover, and rapper Usher. This post on social media revealed that they had all shown up just to watch Murphy perform.

"The world's best entertainers showed up to watch Eddie Murphy on SNL last night. One love to [Usher] [Childish Gambino] and [Chris Bosh]," Kweli wrote in the caption of his star-studded photo.

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While Kweli, Glover, and Usher are best known for their musical projects, Bosh is someone that made an impact on NBA courts for 13 seasons. The former first-round pick spent seven years with the Raptors and six with the Heat during his career, and he was named to the All-Star Weekend 11 times to finish out his career. Bosh also won back-to-back championships with the Heat.

This quartet of performers was not the only group of entertainment stars to show up for this appearance on SNL. Murphy was also joined by fellow comedians in Tracy Morgan, Dave Chappelle, and Chris Rock. These men are known for their appearances on TV and bits during standup sets, but they also showed unique chemistry while joking around with each other during Murphy's monologue.

To cap off this historic moment on SNL, Chappelle joked about how the four comedians represented half of Netflix's budget. The former host of Chappelle's Show signed a deal back in 2016 that would pay him $20 million for each comedy special on Netflix and has released five so far. Similarly, Murphy was reported to have signed a $70 million deal with the streaming giant for an undisclosed number of comedy specials.

The actual amount of money handed out to Murphy is unknown, but Chappelle knows that it is sizable. He will be handsomely paid for returning to standup comedy after a very long absence. Although Murphy is still drawing more attention for his time on SNL on Saturday night.


Photo Credit: Takashi Aoyama/Getty