Can Albert Pujols Reach 700 Career Home Runs Before He Retires?

Albert Pujols is going to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame once he retires. The 42-year-old recently announced that this season will be the final one before he calls it an MLB career, and while he has accomplished everything in baseball, there is one big goal he would love to reach. As of this writing, Pujols has 683 career home runs, which is only 17 away from 700. There are only three players to have 700 or more home runs in baseball history — Barry Bonds (762), Hank Aaron (755) and Babe Ruth (714). Can Pujols be the fourth member on the list? 

With Pujols playing a part-time role with the Cardinals, getting to 700 could be a little challenging. So far, the two-time World Series Champion has hit four homers for the St. Louis Cardinals this year. ESPN projects Pujols will hit 24 home runs if he plays consistently. However, the last time hit more than 20 home runs was in 2019 when he hit 23 as a member of the Los Angeles Angels. 

Recently, Pujols talked about reaching 700 home runs and said he would rather win another World Series than reach an individual milestone.  "I'm ok with 699. I'm ok with 682. I'm ok with whatever else I end up finishing up (with)," Pujols said, per KSDK." But winning a championship, that's really tough to come. And yeah, getting 700 is tough, too. But I think everybody wants to win a championship. So for me, if I don't get that milestone but I get that championship ring, trust me, I'd be really, really satisfied. I'd trade that in a heartbeat. I'd trade any award I have in my trophy case for a championship trophy once again. That's what you play for and it's hard to get. It's hard to get to the World Series, it's hard to get to the postseason but it's even harder to win one."


Winning a World Series is the goal, but getting to 700 home runs is something that doesn't happen every day. It's not clear who will be the next person that can reach that mark as Miguel Cabrera is second in active all-time home run leaders with 505. Third on the list is Nelson Cruz with 453 and he's followed by Giancarlo Stanton with 358. As we get to the summer, baseball fans will keep an eye on Puljos to see if he can do one more historic thing before he leaves the game.