WWE Alum Torrie Wilson Fires off Bikini-Clad Coronavirus PSA While Drinking Corona Beer

Torrie Wilson has a message to people who aren't taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously. Earlier this week, the WWE alum took to Instagram to write a public service announcement on how to be safe during the pandemic. Along with the message, Wilson posted a photo of her in a bikini while holding a Corona beer. Wilson wanted her fans to know to stay at home and not endanger others.

"Maybe you are healthy & young but most of us now know this is a time when it’s not only about ourselves," Wilson wrote. "What you choose to do or not do could impact much more than just you feeling sick for a week. Even if you don't 'feel' sick you could unknowingly pass something to someone unable to fight it like you. I hope we can find out just how much selfless love we can all have for complete strangers."

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Wilson continued: It's RESPONSIBLE to avoid other [people] right now, especially groups. I'm certain there's a long list of [people] that would thank you."

Wilson ended the note by letting people know what they can do at home so they feel productive. She said: "Maintaining your peace, sending love to strangers & friends, smiling, laughing, having a positive attitude, finding gratitude, staying calm, cleaning the house, making some yummy healthy meals, getting some home workouts in, and maybe working on that business idea you never have time for. The world is yelling at us to stop. It’s time we listen."

Fans showed a lot of love for Wilson's statement.

"Thanks again Torrie for the advice and the support during a difficult time for everyone," one fan wrote. "You look fabulous by the way.....enjoy your evening!!

"All great points!" another fan added. "I think the positive power will spread and help us Americans and our friends in Europe overcome this infectious disease."


"Even though we have to practice social distancing, we can stay socially connected to send positivity and help others," a third Instagram user stated.

Wilson also posted a video of her battling coronavirus by taking in supplements while wearing a bikini. The 44-year old started her pro wrestling career in 1999 after being discovered by Kevin Nash at a WCW event. She joined WWE in 2001 and inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019.