Tom Brady: Boston Man Mourns QB Leaving Patriots by Leaving Flowers in Front of TB12 Fitness Facility

With New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady announcing that he would be playing for another team in 2020, his fans wanted to show their support. Some hung their No. 12 jerseys outside their houses as a tribute while others proclaimed Brady's greatness on social media. One fan left flowers outside of the TB12 facility.

A man named Ben Harcovidz saw the news about Brady leaving the Patriots after 20 years with the franchise. He was upset about the six-time Super Bowl champion leaving town, but he wanted to pay his respects in the best possible way. Harcovidz headed to the TB12 facility on Boylston St. and left a bouquet of flowers by the door. Another fan showed up with a sign reading "Thank you Tommy" and stood by the facility's door.

"I woke up to the news about Tom, and I was pretty torn up about it," Harcovidz told a reporter. "The first thing I thought is I live a couple blocks away and just wanted to go see if anyone was over here and pay my respects."

While Harcovidz wanted to show his support for the next chapter in Brady's career, the person responsible for the "Thank you Tommy" sign wanted to make another statement. Photos surfaced that showed an individual standing outside of TB12 with two signs. The first thanked Brady for his time while the second read: "Drop dead Kraft" in reference to Patriots owner Robert Kraft and the lack of a contract for the 42-year-old QB.

This unidentified Patriots fan may not have been happy that Brady is leaving New England and reportedly signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but fellow members of the fanbase were unhappy with his sign about Kraft. In their opinion, Brady can do what he wants after taking the Patriots to nine Super Bowls and winning six.

"Drop dead Kraft? This loser doesn't speak for us. All parties have kept this going for 20 years...20 years! Can you fathom that?! There is no blame here. Brady has earned the right to do what he wants & the team has the right to do as they see fit for the future," one Patriots fan wrote on Twitter.


Brady will now take his newfound freedom and join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With a plethora of receiving options, he will have no shortage of surrounding talent. His career will continue, as will the hunt for a seventh Super Bowl ring. The fans in New England will just be saddened at the prospect.

Photo Credit: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images