Scott Steiner Hospitalized, and Fans Are Reaching out With Concern on the WWE Legend's Condition

Veteran professional wrestler Scott Steiner was hospitalized on Friday after collapsing backstage at an Impact Wrestling event. He is reportedly in stable condition but there have been reports about him undergoing a heart procedure. There has been a lack of information in recent hours, which has led many fans to reach out.

"Prayers out to Scott Steiner, one of the great wrestlers of the last 30 years," one wrestling fan wrote on Twitter. There had been reports that Steiner had stopped breathing and that the medical personnel had to "shock his heart."

With these updates, the fans were even more concerned about the 57-year-old wrestler. Hearing about potential heart issues was frightening for them, and they were relieved to hear that Steiner was recovering.

"Prayers for Scott him and his brother were always two of my faves love him," another fan added to the conversation. The professional wrestler was reportedly stable, but those that have constantly rooted for him throughout his career also understood that he was not out of the proverbial woods just yet.

While there is still considerable concern about Steiner and his recovery from this reported cardiac episode, there were some fans that believed he would soon be back to full health. In their opinion, Steiner is an unstoppable figure.

"[Scott] I wish you a speedy recovery and I look forward to many more years of seeing Big Poppa Pump," one fan wrote while referencing Steiner's nickname.

Steiner was reportedly in the locker room at an Impact event when he collapsed. Medical personnel were nearby and treated him on the scene. He was later transported to the hospital. Exact details about his condition have not been made public, but some colleagues have provided updates when possible.

Wrestler Tommy Dreamer was at the hospital on Friday night to support Steiner, and he was trying to ease the concern among fans. He released an update on Saturday afternoon and said that Steiner is

"Scott Steiner is expected to make a full recovery," Dreamer wrote on Twitter. "Thank you all for your concerns & prayers 99% Life + 1%death = Genetic Freak Steiner math continues Holla if ya hear me#BigPoppaPump."


Steiner remains in the hospital and will have to recover from this incident on Friday night, but the fans and his peers both believe that he will soon be back to full strength. Although they will continue to worry until he is officially released from the hospital.

Photo Credit: Scott Barbour/ALLSPORT/Getty