AEW's MJF Flips off 7-Year-Old Fan During Autograph Signing

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star MJF, who is also known as Maxwell Jacob Friedman, is known for not dropping his character when he's out in public and it has now led to him being in the middle of some controversy. The 23-year old was recently at an autograph signing in Chicago and a 7-year old fan came up to him to take a picture. As MJF and the fan were taking the picture, the AEW star flipped him off and made him cry. The child's father, Tom Gilmartin, went to Twitter to express his anger at MJF.

"I know that's his gimmick but he's only 7 & doesn't understand, his eyes would tear up & he didn't. too far flipping him off now there's a video & people making memes to make fun & I don't like that as a parent I hope you guys can understand & tell him to calm his antics down in front of kids, I'm in the process of trying to take these videos down since they were taken without our knowledge & I hope better judgment is made in the future," Gilmartin wrote per our sister site

Gilmartin has deleted his Twitter account but Cody Runnels, who is a wrestler and executive with the promotion, was able to write back to him to smooth things out.

"Hey Tom, Just give me your name and city and we will have some will-call tickets for the next time we are in your neighborhood, plus I'll personally come by and say hello during the show," Rhodes wrote, later adding "Sorry about the situation."

Runnels then replied to another angry fan and said that MJF is "immature."


TMZ got a hold of MJF and asked him about the incident, and staying in character, the New York state native replied, "F— them kids."

MJF has been with AEW since January 2019. He recently defeated Rhodes at the show AEW Revolution.