WWE: Triple H Faces Scrutiny for Off-Color Joke About Paige

Triple H is taking some heat after a comment he made about former WWE Superstar Paige. While talking to media in the U.K., Triple H, who is the Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative for WWE, made a joke about Paige that didn't sit well with her or her fans. He was talking to the media about superstars that have suffered neck injuries and he mentioned Paige as well as Edge. Triple H mentioned Edge has kids, but he's not sure about Paige.

"When you're talking about people as talented as Edge and Paige, who wouldn't want them to return?" Triple H asked. "I'm a fan, just like everyone else. Yeah, I'd love to see them step in the ring and compete. More importantly than that though I'd like to see them live long healthy lives.

"Edge has kids, you know, Paige - she probably has some she doesn't know of. [Laughs] Their health first, people first, this is all great, but at the end of the day, it's not everything."

Once Paige saw the video, she tweeted: "Even my boss jokes about me.. no wonder you guys still do it too."

That led to a number of fans sounding off on Twitter one fan wrote: Whatever people think about Paige that's your right but this was a f—ed up thing to say as a father of girls it's even more disgusting."

"I believe Paige can't have kids and I think that's why he stopped himself and attempted to rescue an awkward situation," another Twitter user wrote.

"Didn't think it could be bad," another fan added. "But holy crap I'm so sorry he said that. That's not a joke, the intent and what he implied was horrible, you have good fans who do really love you. Please pay attention to them your family and none of the negativity. You already said 2020 is yours."

Triple H noticed the backlash from what he said and he did apologize for the joke. He wrote on Twitter: "I’ve reached out to [Paige] to apologize. I made a terrible joke and I’m sorry if it offended her or anyone else."


Paige did say that Triple H reached out to her and she intends to speak to him about the matter.

"Obviously I was a little bit perplexed, a little bit taken aback, because he's someone that I truly look up to and he's always been very respectful, so I feel like he got caught up, maybe, in a joke, that I just don't think was appropriate to joke about," Paige said via WrestleInc.com. "I don't know, I feel like it's something that I don't need to continually keep talking about because I feel like people have done a pretty good job of that."