Carrie Underwood's Husband Mike Fisher Reveals Hilarious Olympian Alter Ego 'Rut Daniels'

Following his retirement from the NHL, Mike Fisher has been keeping busy through a number of pursuits. Making a parody of Lonestar's Amazed was one source of entertainment for the former Nashville Predators star and his fans, but now Fisher is creating even more content on Instagram. Saturday morning, he revealed the new social media profile for Rut Daniels, his bow hunting alter ego.

Announced with a long video on Instagram, Fisher told the tale of Daniels and his failed bid to win the gold medal in the 1996 Olympics. Apparently, he technically made the winning shot, but there was an issue due to Daniels shooting the wrong target. He was disqualified from the competition and lost the support of his sponsors.

"There are few people that you can call 'truly gifted,'" an unnamed figure said in the mock-documentary. "Wayne Gretzky, Tiger Woods. Rut Daniels was truly gifted."

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According to the video released on Saturday, the legend of Daniels only grew when he was forced to take a job selling Hoyt bows at an outdoors retailer. He immediately impressed by moving all of the available products and even found time to sign some autographs for local kids.

"I love huntin', but I hate waitin'," Fisher said as the video came to a close.

Of course, Fisher couldn't simply act like a legendary bowhunter in this video. He had to truly portray him. In order to do so, he donned a wig, denim jeans, yellow aviator-style glasses, old basketball shoes, and a camouflage jacket. To complete the look, Fisher also wore a Catchin' Deers hat, which is an outdoor apparel company that he co-founded.

Interestingly enough, it appears that Daniels may not be limited to one simple video on Instagram. Fisher actually created a separate social media profile for his alter ego and has been posting videos on the stories. Daniels was shown riding around far from civilization on his ATV and dropping feed for some animals. As he said, Daniels was ringing the dinner bell.


The husband of Carrie Underwood may not be scoring goals as a member of the Ottawa Senators or Nashville Predators, but he is certainly keeping busy, albeit in a very unexpected way. Making music videos has helped promote his company's brand, and he recently struck a distribution deal with Tractor Supply Company. This latest pursuit will give him multiple reasons to don a blonde wig and some throwback yellow glasses.

Photo Credit: Taylor Hill/Getty