Master P Tells Saints to Sign Colin Kaepernick After Drew Brees Injury

Artist Master P is known for many things. Gold tanks, a starring role in Hollywood Homicide alongside Harrison Ford, and undying love for the New Orleans Saints all play a role in defining the rapper. Although this last factor was responsible for some recent heartache considering that Saints star quarterback Drew Brees is set to miss roughly six weeks with a hand injury. Without the longtime veteran in the building, it's entirely possible that the Saints will go on a losing streak and miss the playoffs.

Fortunately, Master P has a plan to avoid such an outcome. The New Orleans native recently talked to TMZ Sports in New York and provided his opinion on how head coach Sean Payton and the Saints front office should proceed. Specifically, he called for his favorite team to bring Colin Kaepernick to the Big Easy to lead the way while Brees is out of commission.

"Kaep, we need you," Percy told TMZ Sports. "I'm going home to let him know that right now. We need Kap!!"

Week two in the NFL was known for many things. Big plays, hard hits, terrible calls by the officiating crews, and most importantly, brutal injuries to quarterbacks. In the span of two days, the NFL lost Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for the season, Brees for roughly six weeks, and Jets backup-turned-starter Trevor Siemian for the season. Additionally, Panthers star Cam Newton is currently sitting out of practice with a foot injury and his status for week two is unknown.

With all of these injuries and issues, it seems like the perfect time for a team to bring Kaepernick back into the league, at least for a tryout. The 31-year-old is healthy and ready to roll, as evidenced by videos on his Twitter account, and he has considerable experience. After all, this is the man that led the 49ers to the Super Bowl and nearly defeated the Baltimore Ravens. Could he fill in and help get the Saints back to the Big Game? Master P Certainly believes so.


In his six-year career, Kaepernick threw for more than 12,000 yards and 72 touchdowns with only 30 interceptions. He was effective overall with a completion percentage of 59.8. The former 49ers quarterback also made a massive impact as a runner, accruing 2,300 yards and 13 touchdowns on the ground.

Kaepernick was a dangerous player that would likely help the Saints, Steelers, Panthers, or Jets. Although he would need to work on ball security. In his career, the Nevada product fumbled 37 times, losing 15. Those turnovers could be a concern for many, but that's a relatively easy fix.