Carolina Panthers Fans Fight Each Other During Weather Delay

The Carolina Panthers had a game to forget on Thursday night as they lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20-14. However, during the game, there was a lightning delay and the game was forced to stop for nearly 30 minutes. So what do Panthers fans do during a weather delay?

They fight each other, of course, and the fight between multiple Panthers fans was caught on video. With hundreds of fans watching, many Panthers fans took to the stands and started their own fight club.

But when it comes down to it, the fight might have been the best part of the game as the Panthers are now 0-2 on the season , with their chances of reaching the playoffs getting slim. The biggest issue for the Panthers is the offense as they converted only three of 14 third-down attempts and quarterback Cam Newton completed less than 50 percent of his passes on Thursday night.

"That's the thing that's most frustrating, having the talent and skill set we have and not putting up one touchdown," Newton said after the game via ESPN. "That's just unfortunate. It starts with me. I've got to be better man. I've got to be better."

So far this season, Newton has thrown zero touchdowns and one interception. He has lost his last eight starts and the team is 1-9 in its last 10 games. Newton points the blame at himself for the team not being able to win.


"I have to be better," Newton said via ESPN. "No matter what physical condition I'm in. No matter what, foot, shoulder ... I didn't get the job done, and it's frustrating. I wish I could say something other than that, but that's the fact. I'm a brutally honest person with people, and I'm a brutally honest person with myself. And it's time for me to look myself in the mirror and do some real soul-searching, because I had opportunities tonight and I didn't get it done."

Newton has been dealing with a shoulder injury as he had surgery earlier this year. Though he would never use his shoulder as an excuse, it seems like his arm strength is not the same as it was in recent years. If that's the case, Panthers fans will likely continue to fight because they could be in for a very long season.