WWE Superstar Paige Speaks out About Leaked Sex Tape, Intimate Photos

Things went south for former WWE Superstar Paige after a leaked sex tape and explicit photos surfaced a few years back. The wrestler, whose real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis, dealt with a number of issues after the violation of her privacy. She did an interview with Fox News last week explaining the struggles she went through.

Paige shared that she had a serious bout with anorexia and lost her hair.

“Obviously, it’s very hard to stay positive when you have something that’s so publicly humiliating to yourself and then still to this day, this was over two years ago now. I did suffer a lot. I did. Just emotionally because at the time I was having my neck surgery too, and I had stress-induced anorexia. I lost all my hair. I had some really horrible thoughts. I had to go to therapy. It took me a while to get over because obviously, no woman wants to go through that,” she explained.

The next surgery she was going through ended up being a career-ending injury. She retired from in-ring entertainment in January of 2018.

“But at the same time, I was like, ‘OK I can’t change this.’ Same with me not being able to wrestle. I can’t change this. There’s nothing I can do about it. So why am I still dwelling on it? It happened. People have seen it. Like I can use this to help others now,” she added.

When the leak occurred, Paige was quick to report that the videos and photos were stolen from her and “unfortunately they were shared publicly without my consent.” She also said she was suicidal at the time.


“And so now I’m going with the Bella Twins [Nikki and Brie] and we went to a woman’s hostel place, with kids and stuff, like I get to go talk to kids about it, I’m just like, ‘Hey, like never do something when it comes to your phones.’ Because like this is a different world nowadays. Like things come out and things happen so I was like, ‘You have to think twice before you make the same kind of mistake as I did.’ So now I get to use it and utilize it on a different platform and help others with it. So I’m like it’s a horrible thing that happened, but now it’s a tool to help the next generation of people you know?”

Before retiring, Paige was a two-time Divas Champion. She currently is the manager of the Asuka-Kairi Sane tag team. The 27-year-old made her debut on Raw in 2014.