Daughter of Injured Browns Fan Fires Back at Twitter Users

The Cleveland Browns started the season off in a frustrating manner after getting blown out by the Tennessee Titans at home. During this game, Baker Mayfield and the offense couldn't gain any ground against a very powerful Titans defense. This Super Bowl contender looked more like a has-been after only one game, which caused considerable frustration among the fans in attendance.

Unfortunately for one fan, he was unable to watch the game after suffering a scary accident in the parking lot. The man was standing on the roof of a van while tailgating but fell off and crashed to the ground while hitting his head. He was taken to a hospital for local treatment while jokers on social media had a field day at his expense. However, the man's daughter has since fired back and explained that this is no joking matter considering that her dad is in critical condition.

"So I'm sure by now everyone's seen this," Ashton Shepherd wrote on Twitter. "It's my dad on top of a van taking pictures. He has a medical condition. He's epileptic and he had a seizure while taking pictures. I'm in the hospital with him right now. He has a fractured skull, a shattered shoulder, and six broken ribs. Please, people, stop assuming he was drunk. He had no drinks at that point at all. Please stop making fun and jokes about my dad. And please keep him in your thoughts."

Shepherd has a point about those making assumptions about the amount of alcohol consumed. When a seizure strikes, the person affected has no control over their body. For example, a very similar situation happened during the Cincinnati/Ohio State game.


In the second quarter of Saturday's game, a sophomore safety named Kyriq McDonald fell down as wide receiver K.J. Hill was running up to block him during a play. He began convulsing on the field and had to be examined by both medical staffs. He was reportedly on the turf for five minutes before being taken off on a cart. According to McDonald's mother, he has a history of seizures.

As this safety proved, seizures can happen at any time, and Shepherd wants the jokers on Twitter to remember that fact before having fun at her dad's expense.