Watch Buffalo Bills Fans Break Through a Burning Table

Up in Buffalo, New York, the fans are known for loving the Bills and hosting epic tailgates. These fans show up for every game, regardless of weather, and party like nothing else to prepare for the upcoming game. It doesn't even matter if the team is struggling to achieve victories, which has been a common trait in recent Bills teams. No matter what, the fans up in Buffalo are known for having fun.

One of the wildest aspects of Buffalo Bills tailgates is that the fans will recreate professional wrestling moves and break tables. Some will jump off the top of vehicles and smash through the tables while others will leap from the ground.

On the opening day of 2019, however, one fan took it the extra mile by lighting the table on fire and having someone in full wrestling regalia drop them through the center. The game hadn't even started yet, but the fan was just that excited.

What's fascinating about these tailgate hijinks is that they didn't take place in front of the Bills stadium. This game was actually played at MetLife Stadium, which is the home of the New York Jets. The Bills fans traveled with their tables so they could keep up the tradition in enemy territory.

While the Bills teams in recent years haven't exactly been known for achieving victory on a regular basis, the future is bright for this young team led by Sean McDermott. There is a promising second-year quarterback in Josh Allen, and he is joined by a talented receiving corps. and a rising defense.

This team struggled early on Sunday afternoon during a battle with the rival New York Jets. Gang Green forced two interceptions by Allen and returned one for a touchdown, jumping out to an early lead. However, the Wyoming product led a comeback and ultimately finished the day with a 17-16 victory.


If the Bills continue to win games in wild fashion, especially against divisional opponents, the celebrations and tailgates will only grow in size and entertainment value. Breaking tables with wrestling moves is the common tradition, but the Bills fans will continue to mix up the tried and true formula as their excitement for football grows.

At this point, adding fire to the mix is the natural progression, but what will be next? Wearing a fire suit and jumping through the table while both the fan and the furniture are ablaze? Everything is possible when Buffalo Bills fans are involved. There is a reason why those that reside in upper New York have often been referred to as the best fans in the entire NFL.