Colin Kaepernick's Lawyer Calls Jay-Z 'Cold-Blooded' Over NFL Deal

Colin Kaepernick's lawyer, Mark Geragos has just made his feelings known about the NFL's deal with Jay-Z and Roc Nation. As he expected, this partnership does not sit well with him, Kaepernick, or most of the quarterback's supporters. In fact, Geragos actually referred to the deal and "cold-blooded" during an interview with ABC News.

"This deal between Jay-Z and the NFL crosses the intellectual picket line," Geragos said per the report. Additionally, he confirmed that the NFL had not met with Kaepernick and the deal had not been discussed with him prior to it becoming official.

This statement flies directly in the face of previous comments made by Jay-Z in which he said that he had previously discussed the partnership with Kaepernick.

Geragos is not the only prominent figure that is less-than-pleased with this partnership. Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid referred to the deal as "despicable" after finding out that Jay-Z will have a significant ownership interest in an unnamed team. Although Reid is willing to give the music mogul the benefit of the doubt after his track record of fighting for social justice.

"Jay-Z has bought himself time because of his history with social justice," Reid said to Sports Illustrated. "He has done amazing things for people who have been unjustly treated. [But] this is sketchy.


"If he is part owner of some team we’ll see how soon Colin is in an NFL facility. That’s the only way he rectifies this. Because if not, what are we even talking about? You are a sellout if it’s anything less than that."

If this partnership does ultimately lead to Kaepernick landing a job with an NFL team after two-plus years away from the sport, the criticism lobbed toward Jay-Z will quiet. There will still be some misgivings about the way in which he approached this deal with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the league, but the actions will greatly assist him in winning back some trust. Although Reid will be watching Jay-Z to ensure that he is actually fighting for the same cause.