Texans Running Back and Former FAU Teammate Buddy Howell Thinks Tyler Cameron Should Have Won the Bachelorette

After Hannah Brown chose Jed Wyatt over Peter Weber and Tyler Cameron in the season finale of The Bachelorette, social media has been filled with opinions. Seemingly everyone has an idea about how the show should have ended, especially after it was revealed that Wyatt had a secret girlfriend at home. Well, add another voice to the mix, one that plays running back for the Houston Texans.

Wednesday afternoon, team reporter Deepi Sidhu made her rounds at Texans practice to talk to the various players that were available for a few moments. During this period of time, she caught up with Buddy Howell, who the Texans claimed off of waivers during the 2018 season. As it turns out, the former Florida Atlantic runner actually played football with Bachelorette runner-up Cameron, and he has some very strong feelings about his former teammate's appearance on the show.

"He's famous, man," Howell said. "We played football together at FAU, great guy, man. Great guy, great teammate. He was my tight end. He came in as a quarterback, and he switched to tight end, so he blocked for me, and I'd block for him. Great chemistry, but it was great to see him on The Bachelorette. He should have won."

As Howell continued to explain, he didn't watch the entire season. He caught bits and pieces but saw a lot of clips on the internet. What he did notice, however, was that all of the men in contention to win the show all disappeared from the public eye after they were eliminated. Cameron is still around.

Ultimately, the Texans running back can't change the past and help his former teammate find love, but that doesn't mean that he has to accept the outcome of the show. As he explained to Sidhu, Howell feels that Cameron checks all of the boxes that make for the perfect husband.


"Just look at him, and you see the perks, and the things, and the type of person that he is," Howell continued. "He's good with people. He's good with anybody. That's the type of person – for her, I feel like – that she would love because he's not the jealous type. He's the type that's willing to be open and figure things out."

While there is still a possibility that Brown and Cameron could find love together in the future, it's not guaranteed. Howell may want the best for his former teammate, but he can't control it. All he can do at this point is simply concentrate on getting better and making the Texans final 53-man roster. After that, he can play matchmaker.