Conor McGregor Tells Nate Diaz He'll Be Ready for Trilogy Fight

UFC fighter Conor McGregor hasn't entered the octagon since his loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 in October, but he might be nearing a return. In fact, he may even have teased the opponent that he wants to face in the coming year as the third part of a storied trilogy. At least, that's what his Instagram profile is teasing.

With Aug. 20 marking the three-year anniversary of one of the more exciting fights in UFC history, there are questions swirling about a potential rematch between McGregor and Nate Diaz, who just defeated Anthony Pettis over the weekend. The last time these two fighters faced off in the octagon, UFC 202 in 2016, McGregor achieved victory by split decision. Now, he is looking for a rematch to prove that he is the better fighter.

"3 years to the day myself and this Mexican warrior went to war," McGregor wrote. "Congrats on the win this weekend Nate, it was motivating to see it for my own comeback. I don’t blame you not mentioning me for the trilogy bout post-fight, you know what I’m like when I get going. Vicious. I loved the round 3 style from round 1 that you implemented. It’s what I was hoping you would implement for this bout and was glad to see you do it. I’ll be prepared for it when we go again. If we go again. If not, respect always. A war for the ages. No b---- talk. Just real s---."

The first time McGregor and Diaz faced off, it was the Irishman that was defeated. Diaz utilized a rear-naked choke to win the bout by submission and set up a highly-anticipated rematch. McGregor was victorious by split decision in 2016, tying up the series. And now it appears that he is ready to have the deciding match.


Unfortunately for McGregor, this battle may not be arranged for some time. During his post-fight interview, Diaz called out Jorge Masvidal, so that may be the bigger priority for UFC president Dana White. That being said, White told TMZ that he expects McGregor back in the octagon at some point in 2019. Will this battle be against Diaz, or will White find a different opponent until something can be arranged?

No matter what happens, McGregor is ready to face off with Diaz and settle the series once and for all.